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When to Rent a Portable Toilet

Portable toilets. The absolute least exciting part about planning an outdoor event, be it a wedding, summer festival, family reunion, home renovations or another occasion. While we can’t make renting portable toilets more fun, we can at least answer all your questions.

Why should I rent a portable toilet?

When you’ve got to go, you’ve got to go, and the same is true for your guests. If you’re not sure whether you should rent a portable toilet, ask yourself a few questions:

  1. Will my guests have access to sufficient restroom facilities that are nearby, easy, and practical to access? If the answer is no, you’ll need to rent additional toilet facilities.

  2. How many people am I inviting, and do I have enough restrooms for them? You should have at least one toilet available for every fifty people. Due to Covid-19, we recommend considering an even more generous ration of guests to restrooms.

  3. Who’s attending my event? If you plan to have children, handicapped, or elderly people in attendance, you’ll need to have additional, accessible toilet facilities. Ask us about our wheelchair accessible portable toilets.

  4. Am I serving alcohol, and can my current restroom situation handle the additional use? You need 15% more toilet facilities if you are serving alcohol.

  5. How long is my event? The longer the event, the more toilets you need, even with the same number of guests.

Portable toilets are so gross though. How can I keep my rental clean and fresh?

We’re so glad you asked! We provide weekly maintenance for longer rentals, but you might want to take some extra steps to keep your toilet facilities fresh between service.

  1. Keep supplies stocked. Check your portable toilets throughout your event to be sure toiletries are adequately stocked, including toilet paper, hand sanitizer, air fresheners, and droppable in-tank cleaning tablets. If you want to go the extra mile during Covid-19, you could also provide disposable gloves and masks. Just make sure to also have a trash can handy so gloves don’t end up in the tank.

  2. Use additional air fresheners. These air fresheners can be placed inside the unit but outside the tank. The clearer the air, the better your guests will feel. Please do NOT light candles in your portable toilet. Only use tabletop or battery-operated air fresheners that don’t have an open flame.

  3. Clean primary touch points frequently. Touch points, or points of contact, are the areas of the portable toilet that your guests will touch the most. These include the door handle, the toilet paper holder, and the hand sanitizer dispenser.

We’ve got your back

At ADB, we have all your events covered. Our flexible schedule means you can rent our portable toilets for as few or as many days as you need. Plus, delivery, pickup and cleaning are always included. For more information call us today at (860) 432-5996 or visit We serve all of Hartford County and surrounding towns in central Connecticut.


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