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What to Expect During a Septic Tank Inspection

Scheduling a septic tank inspection is an essential aspect of owning a home with a septic tank system. Although the system is part of the everyday operations of the house, it can be easy to forget it needs maintenance. Otherwise, serious — and odorous — problems could occur. Let’s talk more about the process, why it’s vital, and how ADB Construction & Septic Corp. can help you.

What Is a Septic Inspection?

During a septic inspection, a trained septic tank technician will come to your property to check that all the components, including the sensors, are working properly. They’ll do a barrage of tests, ensuring everything is tight and not broken and that every piece works as it should. The technician will also review the drain field/leach field.

At the end of the appointment, they’ll let you know about their findings and determinations and advise you about your next steps. The time the technician will be at the property depends on the inspection you’re getting.

Do I Need a Septic Inspection?

Whether you need to schedule a septic inspection depends on several factors. For example, if it’s been at least a few years since you last had one, you should certainly make an appointment.

How often the inspection needs to happen varies from home to home. Let’s say you're the only occupant in your home, and you’re not often there. You may need an inspection done less often than a family of six where at least one person is always home. A septic tank technician can let you know when to get an inspection at your particular property.

You may also need to get a septic inspection if you notice signs that the tank might be full, such as a potent sewage smell or the toilet isn’t flushing like normal. Schedule an immediate appointment before the situation worsens.

Another time you may have to get an inspection is if you’re selling your home. Buyers typically want to know the state of the septic system before making an offer.

The Types of Septic Inspections

There are two types of septic inspections available. One option is more extensive than the other.

A visual septic inspection is the simpler of the two. The septic tank technician will discuss the basics with you, such as how long it’s been since the last inspection and when the system was initially installed. They’ll take a look at the drain field/leach field and will typically test the water pressure in the home.

The full septic inspection involves everything involved with a visual septic inspection, plus additional in-depth tasks, including opening up the tank itself. A septic tank technician does tasks such as ensuring everything visible looks normal and the water level is where it should be.

Common Findings and Damages Discovered During Septic Tank Inspections

There are several types of findings and damages a septic tank technician might discover during an inspection. One common issue is when a tree's roots grow into the system and cause damage. Cracked tank lids or walls may be another problem, as are deteriorated and/or cracked pipes.

A correctly installed septic system is essential, but so is the system's maintenance once it’s installed. For instance, planting trees and various other shrubbery on the drain field/leach field isn’t a good idea. It welcomes damaging roots to make their way into the system. Placing outdoor entertaining areas and/or driving over the drain/field leach field could also cause damage.

The system needs to be the correct size for the home and its occupancy and usage, easily accessible by the septic tank technician, and not be close to anything that could result in damage or contamination. Work with a reputable septic tank technician and keep inspections according to expert recommendations to avoid potential issues.

ADB Construction & Septic Has You and Your Septic Tank Covered

Don’t wait until a problem arises with your septic tank to schedule an appointment. Call ADB Construction & Septic Corp. today for a septic tank inspection. Our business has decades of experience in the business, so we have the knowledge and commitment to provide quality service and excellence to each of our customers.


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